Alexis and Adriana: Bloomfield Wedding

I woke up Saturday morning looking forward to a day off with plans to attend and photograph the Red Bull Berm Burners event at North Park. After I had made myself my morning coffee I received an interesting text from my good friend Dave asking me if I would be interested in photographing a last minute wedding in Bloomfield. Not being one to turn down an opportunity I grabbed some dress clothes and headed out to North Park following my original plan. After getting what I had planned to photograph I changed out of my now dirt ridden clothes and headed towards Bloomfield.

I arrived with no idea what of what to expect. I soon discovered that Dave, who has never been an officiant, was to marry Adriana and Alexis at their house in Bloomfield. The entire event wasn't planned and was just starting to come together when I arrived. The guests consisted of friends from all over the world, neighbors, and family. I later found out that Alexis' dad had actually came all the way from France.

It was truly a one of a kind event. Alexis and Adriana's passion for one another was so strong you could feel the love in the air. Many old friends were reunited and new friends were made. Wine and beer flowed freely and everyone gathered together to be a part of that very special day. Life, love, and happiness is all that was required. The entire event was very organic and I am extremely happy I was able to be a part of it. Congratulations Alexis and Adriana!

- Dan

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