2016 Wedding Photography Recap

2016 was a wild ride for us and we wouldn't have it any other way. We're truly honored to get to work with some of the most amazing couples out there. Everyone we meet has their own story to tell and we strive to capture that in our own unique way. No two weddings are the same and each one makes us proud to do what we do. 

One super unique moment that ressonates with us is when Mister McFeely surprised wedding guests at Bridget + Isaac's Phipps Conservatory wedding. He sang a jingle, danced around and took an insane amount of pictures with everyone. He kinda stole the show but in an amazingly fun way. Another moment was Bridget's sentimental dance with her dad, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

We only had about a 30 minute window between heavy downpours on Jenna + Kevin's wedding to go out & take some photos but luckily they were down and it resulted in some picture-perfect happy images. (Note to future brides: rain WILL stop...eventually) 

Crystal + Randy had a beautiful wedding setup. Everything was organized to the T and it showed. The PNC carousel in Oakland was a special moment for them. Crystal pointed out the giraffe was her favorite and she most definitely wanted photos on it. We created the image below using a slow shutter along with a tripod pan. They also had an amazingly cute first look, Randy was in awe of Crystal and it was beautiful to watch.

Jenny + Bill set aside time before all the wedding festivities to shoot their photos. This is a great way to get all the pictures you want before anything in your wedding day happens. Once the ceremony is over with it was party-time for these two. (Note to future brides: Choose how you would like to spend your wedding day, you can go the classic route with photos after your ceremony but you can also change it up like Jenny + Bill did!)

Rob + Liz had their ceremony on the Gateway Clipper which is a very unique way of seeing the city. Their guests had the view of a lifetime while sailing along Pittsburgh's three rivers. The wedding party was fantastic that day. You could just feel the love they had for Rob + Liz. Just look at that 'we're married' glow!

Brittney + Nick's wedding was one of the most heartfelt weddings this year. Nick's daughter Marlowe was an important part of the wedding day. She was included in everything from delivering gifts, to Brittney reading her own special vow to Marlowe during the ceremony. Brittney + Nick also had a special Taylor swift song for Marlowe at the reception. There were so many sweet moments in their day we're sure they will remember forever.

This was actually our first wedding of 2016 and it was spectacular. Held at the very hip and modern Hotel Monaco in Downtown Pittsburgh, Alex + Jaya set the place on fire with a fun-filled reception. They held their ceremony in California and reception in Pittsburgh for all their friends and family who live here. It was a great party and Jaya wore an incredible Sue Wong dress from Saks Fifth Avenue. 

To say Alaina + Bryan's wedding was fun would be an understatement. With the bridal party in tow they had a touching first look at The Summit in Mt. Washington but after that it was a PITT tailgate for some fun before the ceremony. They danced the night away at Rivers Casino. It was awesome to be a part of such a close-knit wedding party.

Ani + Starr are probably the coolest couple we've ever met. They were so down to Earth and just plain madly in love. They had an intimate ceremony in the Broderie room at Phipps and a small reception with family and friends at the Grand Concourse. We took a cozy ride on the incline late in the evening for some Mt. Washington overlook photo ops.

Tucked away in Point Breeze was an intimate wedding we shot for Anne + Jed. They wanted their close family & friends present, it rained off and on but they were good sports about it. Complete with a smores bar and outside heaters, their simplistic but cozy wedding gave guests the sense of the love & warmth.

Rebecca + Teddy's wedding started off perfectly with a first look with Rebecca and her father. It was so great to be a part of this and to witness her father's reaction. It was priceless! The day was a scorcher with harsh sun and warm temps but we had fun anyways, laughing while riding around on golf carts and making them walk in super tall grass for cool pictures.  

Picture a bride walking around barefoot on the beach, that's what Jordan + Bethany's wedding was all about. Simplicity, but with a view. Deep Creek Maryland was the spot for this casual wedding. Since Bethany + Jordan have known each other since they were little kids, we shot a couple photos at a playground nearby. How cute!

A bride, a groom, their dog and a DeLorean. That's really all that needs to be said for the wedding of Brittany + Jeff. They chose to have a close knit group of family and friends at their wedding at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont. Their dog George was the star of the show along with his other four-legged friends. Brittany performed a Bollywood dance at the reception that ended up including all the guests. They did it their way and it couldn't have been better!

Valerie + Evan's apartment gets an A+ in our books for the best place to shoot ever! Valerie is a large fan of flea markets so she picks up some really unique vintage stuff making it a perfect backdrop for photos. They braved the cold for some photos in the North Shore, it was about 30 degrees outside!

2016 comprised of mostly intimate weddings, Stacy + Tyler's was no different. Composed of close family and friends they got married at a cozy bed and breakfast, The Morning Glory Inn in South Side. They wrote their touching vows to one another and the look her father gave her when he first saw her was amazing. We're so happy we got to capture the moment! 

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